Authorized Gas Tester Training In UAE

The role of an authorized gas tester is rather critical in terms of testing for and ensuring safe working atmosphere.

The team at ITAC Safety has specifically designed this training programme to help delegates acquire knowledge pertaining to conducting gas testing safely and effectively within a confined space. It provides detailed information related to gas measuring, legislative requirements, monitoring equipment and recording gas test results. The course includes both theory and practical assessments.

Objectives Of Our Authorized Gas Tester Training

The aim of this training program is to help delegates:

  • Gain detailed understanding of hazardous gases and their various properties
  • Conduct gas testing procedures in a safe and effective manner
  • Conduct inspections on and operate gas detection equipment
  • Acquire a Gas Test Certificate

Who Should Enroll For It?

This particular programme for authorized gas tester training in Dubai has been designed for those who are responsible for performing the role of an authorized gas tester. All those who are in-charge for performing tests for flammable, toxic gases and oxygen should also consider enrolling for this course.


At the end of the course, participants are awarded an IADC Certificated On Authorized Gas Tester. The training programme is designed for any and all individuals who are required to work in areas that are not intended to support human occupancy due to the virtue of their design. By enrolling in this course, the attendee will acquire a working knowledge of the governmental requirements and regulations associated with ensuring that a space is safe for workers to enter. It gives the participants the ability to acquire practical experience in the utilization of gas detection equipment.

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