Electrical Safety Reminder

  • Make sure the power supply is shut down before making home repairs or installation.
  • Be sure to childproof your outlets using Tamper Resistant Receptacles or (TRRs). These receptacles are designed to keep your curious kiddo from putting fingers or objects into the receptacles. TRRs have spring-loaded shutters that close receptacle slots when they are not in use.
  • Keep cords and wires away from kids and pets – both like to chew. Keep plugged in appliances away from water.
  • Make sure to turn off or unplug appliances that are prone to overheat. A gadget that has been running for a while can be deceptively hot. Some of the appliances that tend to overheat: microwaves, ACs, dishwashers, washing machine/dryer, refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, ovens. If you’re appliances are overheating, this may be a sign that they need to be cleaned more regularly or replaced altogether.