Basic Fire Fighting Training In Dubai

Ensuring fire safety is a priority for all businesses and residential facilities managers. For this, it is important to have individuals who hold the knowledge required to identify fire hazards and take steps to prevent and put an end to them. This is where our fire fighting training in UAE steps in.

Objectives Of Our Fire Fighting Training In Abu Dhabi & Dubai

The participants of this training programme receive both theoretical knowledge and practical experience. We boast of a team of fully qualified instructors who take a proactive approach towards raising the competency levels of all the participants.

The training programme offered by ITAC Safety is focused on helping facilities manages improve the safety of their properties and inhabitants. Fire hazards are extremely risky and can lead to fatal situations, thereby requiring for these to be prevented as best as possible, and be dealt with immediately in case a fire breaks out.

Why Choose ITAC Safety?

Our courses encourage full participation, encourage team building and simulate real world experiences. All of this is done to help the participants master their skills and acquire hands-on experience, thereby acquiring the ability to master the tools and techniques quicker. Our courses are purpose built and equip learners with the knowledge and skills required for different jobs within the fire safety industry. This enables them to combat fires as safely and efficiently as possible.

Our basic fire fighting training programme is meant to help protect lives within a premise. The course covers the basics of combatting fires and the steps required to prevent them.

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