Lifting Gear Inspection Training

The operation of lifting gear is a very risky activity. To ensure safety, it is necessary for lifting gear to be regularly inspected by a trained professional. For this, individuals need to acquire proper training for lifting accessories inspection.

Why Join Our Training Course For Lifting Gear Inspection

At ITAC Safety, we take utmost pride in presenting our team of highly qualified and trained inspection engineers who possess the skills required to inspect all types of lifting accessories. Our team has designed this specific course to make it possible for interested individuals to acquire detailed information about inspecting lifting equipment in several industries, including construction, marine and shipping, oil and gas and petrochemical.

Our training course is focused on providing specialized guidelines on lifting equipment regulatory compliance. It covers the conducts involved in carrying out thorough examination of fixed and loose lifting equipment to guarantee full compliance with the standards set by the local regulatory bodies.

Course Overview

Upon successful completion of the course, the participant will possess detailed information about:

  • Conducting fitness examination on lifting accessories
  • Ensuring operator competency
  • Carrying out thorough examination of different types of lifting gear
  • Conducting proof load tests
  • Supplying of test load
  • Conducting actual breaking load test
    • With all of these important aspects covered, our training program is best for all those looking to pursue their careers in the field of lifting gear inspection.

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