Flagman Training Course

Maneuvering large vehicles in project sites can be challenging, even for experienced drivers. That is why it is important to have trained and disciplined banksmen, flagmen, and signalmen providing accurate direction to drivers on the field.

Ensure the safety of your field personnel at project sites with the help of comprehensive signalman and flagman training course programs from the leading training and certification firm in the UAE today – the International Training Academy and certification (ITAC).

Why Choose ITAC’s Flagman, Signalman And Banksman Training Course

The International Training Academy and certification is professionad certification and training organization that offers comprehensive equipping programs for professionals of various levels and expertise. Our mission is to provide skilled individuals with additional skills that will make them more effective, productive, and efficient at performing their current or future roles. Our programs are designed in accordance to the standards of internationally recognized authorities, such as the Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance and the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health.

This enables us to provide international quality courses that professionals can utilize wherever they are in the world. Our consultants and trainers offer over four decades’ worth of collective industry experience, which allows us to impart practical real-world insight in addition to specialized expertise.

To accommodate working professionals, we have designed banksman training course to be flexible and customizable. Sessions can be held after work hours, in the evening, or during the weekends, whichever suits our clients the most.

Signalling is more than just calling out the driver and giving direction. Certain factors must be considered in order to guide individuals manoeuvring the vehicle. Our Signalman training course not just teaches participants about the signal signs, it also helps them learn the importance of this job, how they can apply practical techniques in real life situations, and resolve maneuvering issues to help the driver park or drive their large vehicles in narrow spaces.

Flagman, Banksman And Signalman Training Course Coverage

Signalman, banksman, and flagman training course programs include, but are not limited to, the following concepts:

  • Identifying health and safety risks in the field
  • Project site preparation
  • Detecting danger areas in the site
  • Understanding the maneuverability of large vehicles
  • Proper guidance of vehicles according to standard signals
  • Relevant equipment in the field

Want To Know More About Our Banksman, Flagman And Signalman Courses?

To learn more about ITAC or our training courses, please do give us a call at 050 401 3210. You may also send your general enquiries via our online contact form or connect with us through email at admin@itacsafety.com


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Course Duration: 1 Day

Time: 9AM to 4PM

Schedule: Every Wednesday

Both Weekend and Saturday Schedules Are Also Available Book Now