Medic First Aid Approved Training Centre in DUBAI UAE

Medic First Aid (Train the Trainer) Course

ITAC Safety Dubai follows Medic First Aid recommendations and guidelines for CPR, first aid, and emergency care for the most common emergencies encountered, in addition to the appropriate techniques for instructing adult students. This Course is designed to a very practical level, aim at developing awareness and understanding of and reflection on issues relating to techniques & styles in training/ presentation at different levels of interaction. This program is aimed at encouraging individuals to take a constructively critical approach to developing their personal teaching and presentation skills.

ITAC Safety Dubai aims to providing participants knowledge and skills necessary to effectively facilitie Medic First Aid Train the Trainer International Course.


By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the structure of preparation – audience, venue, pre & post presentation
  • Identify and adapt to a styles and attitudes
  • Make appropriate use of training facilities and resources
  • Identify strategies to maximise reception and understanding of target knowledge, skills, Attitudes and behaviours
  • Ensure that the learning intervention addresses specific individual and/or group needs
  • Provide appropriate, effective and constructive feed back
  • Use techniques to maintain control of and motivate groups and individuals
  • Deal with audience reactions
  • Have basic understanding of body language
  • Effectively supervise, delegate, manage time, coach rather than tell, neutralize conflict and promote team spirit.


On successful completion of the course, candidates will be awarded the Medic First Aid Train the Trainer Certificates.


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Course Duration: 4 days

Time: 9AM To 5PM

Dates are as follows

  • March 2020 - 7,14,21,28
  • June 2020 - 6,13,20,27
  • September 2020 - 5,12,19,26
  • December 2020 - 5,12,19,26
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