Complete Rigging and Slinging Course

Construction work is a complicated business. Workers need to go by the book to ensure the work will be done according to the plan but also ensure their safety on the site. This means that they should be acquainted with the procedures, and take steps to follow them as best as possible. Hence, knowledge and familiarization with these processes and procedures are vital.

Specialized training provides an overview of safe working practices, safety factors and how rigging works on construction sites. It covers the basic concepts of rigging, including its history, types of rigs, and the different parts of a rig. The course also discusses the various methods used to lift heavy loads, such as cranes, jibs, derricks, and slings between centre of gravity. Finally, it explains the importance of using proper lifting techniques when working at heights and other rigging activities.

Proper rigging and slinging can mean the difference between life and death in settings like construction sites, building maintenance, repair and a range of rigging safety activities and supervisor responsibilities. Make sure your personnel have the knowledge and expertise to perform the necessary rig and sling checks, while out in the field. Partner with the International Training Academy and certification – the trusted source of certified rigging and slinging training courses in the UAE today.

Why choose us for rigging and slinging training

The International Training Academy and certification is a firm dedicated to providing professionals with the tools and the knowledge to perform their roles in the field with effectiveness and consistency. We offer detailed, customisable, and specialized courses that are aimed at equipping individuals with new skills relevant to their expertise. Our courses are designed to provide you with all the information needed to pass any test or certification exam.

Our courses are developed based on our years of experience working with clients across industries with little or basic knowledge. They are taught by instructors who are experts in their fields and have been trained by industry leaders in basic rigging and safe rigging. 

Our team of trainers and consultants offers more than 40 years’ worth of experience and expertise in various fields, including environment, occupational health and safety, and logistics in the United Arab Emirates and other countries. It is with this collective insight that we equip professionals for the successful completion of projects, through our specialized courses. To ensure quality, we have developed our courses based on international standards established by recognized authorities, such as the International Register of Certified Auditors, the Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance, and the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health. 

To help professionals get the most of their learning experience, sessions and classes can be scheduled either on the weekends or after work hours.

Coverage of our rigging and slinging course

The complete training course will include the following

  • Understanding lifting equipment
  • Proper utilization of wire ropes
  • Proper utilization of chain slings
  • Understanding load limits and proper angling
  • Proper use of trolleys and beam clamps
  • Determining center of gravity and load distribution
  • Understanding crane signals

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Course Duration: 1 Day

Time: 9AM to 4PM

Schedule: Every Monday

Both Weekend and Saturday Schedules Are Also Available Book Now