Work At Height Training In UAE

Any and all operations that require working at heights are extremely hazardous and risky. It can lead to severe casualties, and in extreme cases, may even cause death.

It is vital for any individual responsible for working at heights to acquire proper training to ensure safety. This is what we at ITAC Safety cover in our working at heights training programme.

Overview Of Our Working At Height Training In Dubai

The course provides a basic overview of the best practices, principles, risks and equipment involved in activities that involve working at heights. It is focused on providing participants with the ability to recognize the risks and hazards involved in working on heights. The course further helps them plan their operations effectively while ensuring that the risks involved are minimized as best as possible.

At the end of the training, the candidates possess detailed knowledge of:

  • Existing regulations
  • The different equipment used in working at height operations
  • Fixing their full body harness
  • Quick evacuation in case an emergency takes place
  • Personal safety
  • Safe anchoring
  • Regulations related to the installation of a lifeline

All of the abovementioned aspects are covered in this programme, and are delivered by highly trained, skilled and experienced instructors in both a theoretical and practical experience.

Who Should Enrol For This Course?

The course is specifically meant for safety engineers, safety officers, safety consultants, safety managers, employees and inspectors whose job roles involve working at heights.

Why Is Working At Height Training UAE Important?

Our work at height training in Dubai is ideal for professionals from a range of backgrounds and industries, including construction workers, site managers and engineers. Given the high risk involved in working on heights, it is important for anyone who performs these operations to possess the right knowledge and skills related to safety.

This training is particularly important for professionals working in hazardous and sensitive environments, where the slightest mistake can lead to serious, even fatal consequences. During the training programme, candidates not only learn about the risks involved, but also gain hands-on experience in dealing with them.

We provide an in-depth and comprehensive working at height training programme that has been designed specifically for professionals from a variety of backgrounds and industries. Our courses are focused on providing participants with practical knowledge and skills related to safety when working at heights, including how to minimize risks and handle emergency situations.

If you are interested in learning more about our working at height training UAE, please feel free to get in touch with us today. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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