What is ISO 14001 Certification?

ISO 14001 is an Environment Management System (EMS), which is a tool for managing the impact of an organisation’s activities on the environment. It takes a pro-active approach, and allows business to consider environmental issues before they become a problem, rather than reacting to them afterwards.

Our ISO 14001 Certifications assist businesses to establish those operations that have a negative impact on the environment and to minimise their unwanted effects as determined necessary. So these standards can be a powerful tool for businesses to both improve their environmental performance, and enhance their business efficiency.

Benefits of having ISO 14001 certification

  • Cost effective – reduces utility bills and waste streams
  • Higher control of risk and better planning
  • Ensures compliance with environmental legislation
  • Builds awareness of the environment among employees
  • Improved corporate image with customers and the public
  • Reduce environmental liability
  • Removes a barrier to working with government bodies, local authorities and larger commercial

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