Chemical Safety Training

The use and handling of hazardous chemicals can pose serious risks to health and safety in the workplace, if not performed according to safety regulations. Equip yourself with the right knowledge and information to handle toxic chemicals by going through extensive chemical handling training.

Partner with the International Training Academy and certifications – one of the top certifications and training firms in the region today.

Why Choose ITAC For Chemical Handling Training

Working with volatile and hazardous chemicals can compromise the safety and wellbeing of employees. Wrongful handling can lead to bodily harm, chronic diseases and illnesses due to long-term exposure, and possibly death. Due to the level of danger of working with these kinds of substances, it is imperative that employers to assess the risk and properly equipped workers with proper knowledge to working and handling these unstable substances safely and effectively.

The International Training Academy and certifications is a comprehensive certifications and training firm offering a wide range of courses and programs for professionals who are looking for an upgrade to their current skillsets. We provide extensive, flexible, and specialized learning programs and courses that are aimed at equipping individuals with the right knowledge and skills to perform in their roles and responsibilities.

We have a team of consultants and trainers who can provide invaluable industry insight based on years of exposure in the field. ITAC offers more than 4 decades’ worth of experience and expertise in the fields of health, occupational safety, and environment. We have patterned our programs according to international standards set by accreditation bodies like the International Register of Certificated Auditors and the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health.

By doing this, we ensure that learners are getting high quality training, based on the latest industry standards.

Professionals can take advantage of our customizable courses and flexible schedules to maximize their learning experience.

Sessions and classes can be conducted after work hours or during the weekends, whichever is more convenient.

Coverage Of Our Chemical Safety Training Program

Chemical safety and handling training includes, but is not limited to, the following subjects:

  • Understanding the importance of proper chemical handling
  • Safety guidelines in the workplace
  • International regulations for chemical handling
  • Preventing accidents in the workplace
  • Identifying, packaging, and labelling toxic chemicals
  • Transporting, storing, and disposing toxic chemicals
  • Procedures in emergency situations
Equip Yourself With Proper Chemical Safety Procedures Today

To learn more about ITAC or our training courses, please do give us a call at 050 401 3210. You may also send your general enquiries via our online contact form or connect with us through email at


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Course Duration: 1 Day

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