Our COSHH training helps organisations keep their staff healthy in the workplace by addressing the risks associated with the use of hazardous substances. We have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to COSHH training and we’re proud to be able to use our own experienced and practising consultants to deliver our COSHH awareness courses. This course will give you a detailed knowledge of COSHH and related issues in COSHH awareness. The training develops an understanding and appreciation of the control of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (as amended). This COSHH training course is designed to give workers knowledge of the health risks surrounding work with hazardous substances, including how to undertake a COSHH assessment by identifying the risks and the control measures needed, and ensure that they understand how to work safely with hazardous substances. This COSHH training course provides suitable training for all levels of employees who work, or may come into contact with, hazardous substances in the workplace. All employees must have the necessary knowledge to be competent and do the job properly.


ITAC Safety provides training to identify the potential hazards of hazardous materials and isolate or evacuate the area as necessary. Almost every company has Hazardous Materials in their facility. All of our instructors have extensive emergency response and training experience. Many of our instructors have advanced degrees, certifications and unparalleled, personal experience in the subject matter. Companies and Agencies that use or manufacture Hazardous Materials require hazmat training for their employees so they are able to identify, evacuate and or respond to stop the spread of the chemical into the Community or the Environment.


When you encounter a spill, the first and most important thing is to protect yourself first. This spill kit Training Course looks at what a spill kit contains, when you need to use it and what procedure to follow when you encounter a spill. This Spill Management Training course is aimed at employees who work in industries where they are required to use, store or transport hazardous substances, such as solvents, pesticides and fuel. The course is also beneficial for employers in these sectors. It outlines their duties and how to install controls to protect people, animals and the environment from the consequences of a spill. The main objective of this Spill Kit training course is to ensure that those designated to respond to an incident where a potentially dangerous or environmentally damaging spillage has occurred, know the correct procedure and how to use a site spill kit correctly.

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