Process Safety Management

NEBOSH Process Safety Management (PSM)

Process Safety Management or PSM is a blend of engineering and management skills. It focuses
on the prevention of catastrophic accidents and near misses associated with loss of containment of
energy or dangerous substances such as chemicals and hydrocarbons.
Who should attend this course?
People from all around the world who work in process industries such as oil and gas, chemicals,
plastics, and pharmaceuticals. Given the hazardous nature of these industries, this qualification has
been designed to give process safety knowledge and understanding to managers, supervisors, and
safety professionals to allow them to manage their process safety responsibilities.

What this course covers?
✓ Element 1: Process safety leadership
✓ Element 2: Management of process risk
✓ Element 3: Process safety hazard control
✓ Element 4: Fire and explosion protection

• Comfortable classroom facility
• Whiteboard with marker and flip
• Projector/TV and related
accessories for connection/set-up
• Audio Visual Presentation

• ITAC Safety will arrange the schedule of the exam.
• Student must pass the Unit PSM1 (40 items Multiple Choice Question).
• The pass standard for this qualification is 60%.
• Exam result will be released within 30 days after completing the assessment.
• After successful completion of the course and passing the assessment, student will be awarded
the accredited NEBOSH PSM certificate. Certificate will be available within 30 days after result.
• Certificate is valid for lifetime


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Max 15 candidates per trainer only

4 Days

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